About Us


If I had a nickel for every time I heard a comment like, "I wish they had that when I had my kids!" "I tried babywearing, but my son didn't like it," "Doesn't that hurt your back?" "That baby has the best seat in the house!" I would literally be a millionaire... 

I'm not a millionaire. I'm just a regular mom who, while pregnant with my first child did all of the research and took all of the classes I could to prepare myself to be the absolute best parent I could be. I had heard about babywearing, but I didn't even know it was called "babywearing," and I couldn't find anyone who knew anything about it! Thankfully now, it's much more mainstream - but it is still a relatively new industry in the US, and there are only a small number of us who are trained to teach caregivers how to wear their babies.  

And yet… there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of manufacturers of these baby carriers, and they are all different! You can even register for a carrier like an Ergo or Moby at places like Target or Babies-R-Us; but have you ever tried to ask someone at one of those stores how to use the product they are selling? They can't tell you - they have no idea! And neither do most parents. Of course there is YouTube (check out my friend Hedwich at Wrap You in Love), but the truth is that reading manufacturer directions, watching YouTube videos, reading Baby Center blogs, and even asking your friends that have had babies - it is still not enough to get most people comfortable with wearing their babies from birth.

The fact is that most people register for and/or buy carriers that don’t properly fit their bodies, and they end up rarely or never using them.

My goal is to help you find a carrier that fits your body, your baby, your lifestyle - so that you actually wear your baby! There are so many benefits to wearing your baby - thermoregulation, bonding, fast recognition of cues reducing instances of crying, aids in digestion, and the list goes on…


As a mom of three children under 4, I have found the use of carriers absolutely essential in my daily life. But even with my first baby, when it was just her and I alone all day… wearing her helped to create an amazing bond and nurture our breastfeeding relationship. It made it possible for me to do laundry or cook dinner when she just would not let me put her down! When I had my second - wearing the baby on my front and the toddler on my back for nap time was common practice. Wearing my kids just became a regular part of my every day life. And why wouldn’t I want to share that with everyone? It has literally made my life easier, and I promise, it will make your life easier, too. 


Owner, Kelly Lunkwitz, began babywearing out of necessity in 2012 with the birth of her first child. With a background in teaching both children and adults, it naturally followed that she would become a babywearing educator. With a passion for teaching and a love of children, Kelly made it her mission to spread the knowledge of safe babywearing practices to anyone who would listen. With the birth of her third child in 2016, babywearing has maintained its importance and necessity in her daily life. The creation of her business, “Carrying Our Future: Babywearing Education, Consulting, and Products,” was a dream from 2012 that became a reality in 2016. Kelly hopes to continue to be able to stay home with her children while working with many in the natural birth and child-rearing community to build a successful business with a strong mission behind it.


“To provide education, resources, and the tools necessary for all care providers to wear their children safely and comfortably in order to reduce physical and emotional stress of both the children and the caregiver in daily life.”


  • Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Delaware - 2006
  • Master of Arts in Educational Leadership & Administration, Georgian Court University - 2009
  • Doctor of Higher Education, Leadership and Administration, Widener University, Enrolled 2010-2012
  • Teacher in NJ & DE public schools from 2006-2012
  • Babywearing International - Delmarva Chapter, Volunteer Babywearing Educator - 2014
  • Center for Babywearing Studies Trained - 2016