Client Testimonials

Hello, wrap!

I never thought I would say this but HOLY SMOKES, a wrap is more comfortable than my Lillebaby. I was team buckle carry 4 lyfe and now I have gone wrap and will never go back. Thank you Kelly for making it possible! ~Indira Geist, Pharm. D.

Much happier (and comfortable)...

Absolutely loved my session with Kelly today! She made me feel so comfortable and increased my confidence in wearing my baby. She took the time to make sure I felt comfortable and understood how to properly use my carrier and wear my little man. This mama and baby are much happier (and comfortable) with our new baby wearing knowledge and carrier. You rock Kelly! ~ Paula Hillborn, RN

Save Money - Meet with Kelly!

Kelly has a tremendous gift for teaching babywearing! She's very down to earth, and will meet you wherever you are on your babywearing journey... and make it so much better! My suggestion is to meet with her during your pregnancy, so you can avoid getting a bunch of things you don't need. Let her help you find the perfect carrier, teach you how to use it, and you'll be so glad you did each and every day thereafter.  ~Diana Spaulding of Gathered Birth

I just didn't feel comfortable...

Had a wonderful experience with Kelly. After I had my baby I was determined to babywear and went a store specializing in babywearing to purchase a carrier and get a brief tutorial. But when I got home I just didn't feel comfortable. After a few attempts at watching youtube videos I decided I needed professional help. I found Kelly and thank goodness I did! She is very knowledgeable about the biomechanics of baby wearing, safety issues, and can explain the different carrier types to you. We practiced a tummy to tummy carry with a long wrap and by the end I felt totally confident. What's more, Kelly is just a fun down to earth person, so it was a really enjoyable afternoon. I would highly recommend the private consultation to anyone struggling with baby wearing. Also, if you haven't purchased a carrier I would hold off until you see Kelly, as you may change your mind as to what you want as I did!  ~Jeanne McFalls Lamb, M.D.

I wish I did this with my first!

I had Kelly from Carrying Out Future come out to my home when my 2nd child was 5 weeks old. I didn't really get the hang of babywearing with my first born and I was determined to figure it out with my second. My next door neighbor just had a baby as well so she came over and we did a group consult. It was wonderful to not leave the house with the little ones and have Kelly come to us. Another plus was the one on one attention. Our goal was to be completely comfortable with one carry before Kelly left and we achieved that. It was great to have her there to show us the correct way to carry the babies safely and to work through any nervous fears in if we were doing it wrong. My little one is now 8 months old and I wear her many times a day now... and with my first I only tried a few times before just giving up. I highly recommend hiring Kelly if you want to learn how to correctly wear your baby.... and if you don't already have a carrier, she has a gorgeous collection that you can purchase from. ~Sarah McKay with Baby P of Sarah McKay Photography

She took the time needed for me to feel comfortable...

I had a great experience working with Kelly! She is passionate about babywearing and helping you find a carrier that works for you. She is very nice, professional, flexible and took the time needed for me to feel comfortable with my new carrier. It's also nice to support a local mama-run business!  ~Katie Fuller