Large Group Presentations

The External Womb: Preparing for Baby's Arrival

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of your biological, adoptive child, grandchild, or child you will be caring for is so exciting! As caregivers, we want to learn everything we can about providing the optimal environment and experience for our babies from the very beginning. Learning about the biological and physical benefits of babywearing for both baby and caregiver prior to baby’s arrival is vital to ensuring that there is a continuity of care from the very beginning of life and/or connection. We will discuss research that supports kangaroo care and using carriers as a tool for an external environment that helps to transition baby smoothly from caregiver to caregiver. The presentation will include an overview of safety and proper wearing techniques, as well as a demonstration of popular types of carriers on the market and their appropriate use. Issues related to common misuse of carriers will also be gently addressed in order to further educate caregivers on how to avoid these common user-errors. Please email to inquire about rates, scheduling, and creating a presentation that will be appropriate for your audience and venue.